About Ceres

Ceres Calisthenics Club is a championship-level club based in Ashwood, Victoria.

In 2017, there are 196 registered girls and women competing for our club, with ages ranging from 3 to over 40 years of age. Ceres has a competition team in each of the sections, with each team competing at championship level. Teams from Ceres are represented at all local Melbourne calisthenics competitions, plus the prestigious Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod held in Ballarat each year in October/November.

All classes are held in the newly expanded Ceres Calisthenic Studios at Electra Avenue Ashwood.

Team Classes

We hold classes for all age groups, from Beginners through to Masters. Our Masters compete in Division 1, and our other teams in Championship. We welcome both girls and boys ...

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Our Coaches

Section Coach Assistant Coach Assistants and Helpers Mentor Coach Beginners Julie Jellis Sophie Parks, Veronique Dawes Tots Julie Jellis Katerina Egglezos, Samara Egglezos, Liv Parks, Julie Jellis Tinies Julie Jellis ...

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Our Studio

The Electra Community Centre is home to Ceres Calisthenics Club, the Waverley Bridge Club, the Monash Croquet Club and the Doberman Dog and Obedience Club, who worked in partnership with ...

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Pupil Skills Classes

Levels are a program of graded tests devised by the A.C.F. (Australian Calisthenic Federation) enabling the girls to progress through various levels of achievement during their calisthenic careers, which will ...

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Club History

Ceres began with a married ladies team in 1985.  In 1987, 15 Tinies (under 6 years of age)  started the first team of young girls. In 2017, there are 196 ...

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Honour Roll

Each year, Ceres coaches present a range of awards to pupils. We also regularly induct life members and have girls participate in the Victorian State Team.

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