Honour Roll

Each year, Ceres coaches present a range of awards to pupils. We also regularly induct life members and have girls participate in the Victorian State Team.

  • Ceres Life Members
    1996 Helen Byrns
    Mary-Anne Smith
    2000 Linda Kelly
    2001 Jeff Schoer
    2002 Cheryl Pollock
    2003 Majella Parks (Smith)
    2004 Kevin Kelly
    Val Lay
    2005 Bob Rowett
    2006 Marlene Buckthorpe
    2007 Sandy Burton
    Julie Jellis
    John Doig
    2012 Lynette Cousins
    Wendy Holman
    2014 Penny Doig
    2015 Fotios Egglezos
    2017 Nikki Clarkson
    2021 Kimberley Jellis
    2021 Rebecca Gross


  • CVI Life Members
  • Ceres Award Recipients

    2019 Coaches Awards

    Julie Jellis Tiny Tots Leadership Evelyn McCully
    Julie Jellis Tiny Tots Most Improved Sandy Er
    Julie Jellis Tiny Tots Encouragement Olivia Cal
    Julie Jellis Tiny Tots Coach’s Award Lily Brougham
    Julie Jellis Tinies Leadership Toni Tech
    Julie Jellis Tinies Best Team Girl Ruby Chilver
    Julie Jellis Tinies Most Improved Joey Chen
    Julie Jellis Tinies Encouragement Ruby Miller
    Julie Jellis Tinies Coach’s Award Ashley Jiang
    Angela Welch Subbies Best Team Girl Perri Goulding
    Kathryn Andrews Subbies Extra Sparkle Didi Zhang
    Cassie Black Juniors Encouragement Zara Greco
    Emma Tawa Juniors Best Team Girl Hayley Fasken
    Rebecca Gross Inters Quiet Achiever Charli Bast
    Lynette Cousins Inters Most Improved Madi Taylor
    Kimberley Jellis Seniors Most Improved Abbey De Lange
    Vera Evtimov Masters Team Player Penny Doig
    Julie Jellis Love Of Calisthenics Awards Sophie Wang(Subbies)
    Siena Tainsh(Juniors)
    Samara Egglezos(Inters)
    Danielle Cowan(Seniors)

    2019 Club Awards

    Jenny Cowan Award Sally McMahon
    Club Girl Karina Doig
     Mary-Anne Smith Junior Club Girl Olivia Parks
      7 Year Recipients

















    14 Year Recipients




    21 Year Recipient

    30 Year Recipient

    Perri Goulding

    Coco Jiang

    Emma Shan

    Medina Swart

    Alice Taberner

    Sydney Wickenstein

    Didi Zhang











    Samara Egglezos




    Penny Doig, Julia Doig

    Kimberley Jellis

    2021 Club Awards

    Club Girl Julia Doig


  • State Team Participants


    Senior Coaches. Kimberley Jellis & Penny Doig

    Junior Coach. Julia Doig

    Senior. Kat Bast, Chelsea Priamo, Cadi Macinnes, Angie Mylonas

    Inters. Sophie Parks, Georgia Pettinella, Ivy Daff, Bridie Campbell. Nat Khoo, Siena Tainsh

    Juniors. Melody Lui, Coco Jiang, Yasmin Nikpour

    Sub Juniors. Charlotte Burden


  • External Awards