Pupil Skills Classes

Calisthenic Levels

Levels are a program of graded tests devised by the A.C.F. (Australian Calisthenic Federation) enabling the girls to progress through various levels of achievement during their calisthenic careers, which will help them to become more familiar with calisthenic terminology and improve their skills and technique.  The graded levels are not difficult and most of the movements in the exams are incorporated in the class work each week.  The level exams are recognised nationally.

When the girls attend an exam, they go into a room with another girl and an examiner.  The examiner asks them to show her things that relate to the level they are doing eg. “Show me forward raise”, or “can you show me left side toe point?”

There are many benefits gained from participating in the Levels.  The first is for the girls themselves.  By working through the different levels, the girls achieve a greater knowledge of what they are doing and become more aware of performing the work with the correct technique.  When the girls go into an exam, it is something they are achieving for themselves.  They gain confidence and also receive a Certificate graded from Pass to High Distinction with a personal critique of their performance.  It also helps to improve their class work because often working more closely with a coach gives opportunity for technique to be perfected.

Only girls who have done their levels and achieved results of a good standard are eligible to participate in a solo.

Levels are not compulsory but are an excellent way for the girls to improve their calisthenics skills.