Calendar – 2021

Day Date Time Event Section
Friday 29th Jan 5.15-8.15pm First Class Inters
Saturday 30th Jan 9.00 – 10.00 First Class Beginners
Saturday 30th Jan 10.00 -11.00am First Class Tiny Tots
30th Jan 11.00-12.00 am First class Tinies
Saturday 30th Jan 11.30 am-2pm First Class Sub Juniors
Saturday 30th Jan 2-5pm First Class Juniors
Monday 1st Feb 4.30 -5.30 First class Recreational Subs
Wednesday 3rd Feb 6- 10 pm First class Seniors
Thursday 4th Feb 4-6pm First Class  Red Subbies
Thursday 4th Feb 7-9pm First Class Masters
Friday 12th Feb  10 – 10.40am First Class Recreational – Tots Cali Dance
Sunday TBA Mar TBA Solo Concert All
Friday-Sunday TBA March 5pm Camp Manyung Juniors and Seniors
Friday TBA May 7pm Mother’s Day Class Inters
Saturday TBA May 9am Mother’s Day Class Tiny Tots
Saturday TBA May 10am Mother’s Day Class Tinies
Saturday TBA May 11.30am Mother’s Day Class Subbies
Saturday TBA May 4pm Mother’s Day Class Juniors
Wednesday TBA May 7.30pm Mother’s Day Class Seniors
Wednesday TBA May 7.30pm Get Together Old Collegians
Wednesday TBA 6-10pm Stage Practice – Burrinja Seniors
Thursday TBA 7-10pm Stage Practice – Burrinja Masters
Friday TBA 6-10.30pm Stage Practice – Burrinja Inters
Saturday TBA 6pm Freearm-a-rama All
Wednesday TBA 7pm AGM All
Friday-Sunday TBA June 6pm Camp Inters
Saturday-Sunday TBA June 9am Camp Subbies
Saturday TBA 9am-2pm Stage Practice Tiny Tots, Tinies, Red Subbies
Saturday TBA 8.30am-5.30pm Stage Practice Subbies, Juniors
Wednesday TBA July All day Stage Practice- Besen Sub Juniors, Juniors, Inters, Seniors
Saturday TBA Ringwood Comp Subbies
Saturday TBA 9-4pm Ringwood Comp Tinies
Sunday TBA 9-3.30pm Ringwood Comp Juniors
Saturday TBA 4-8.15pm Mt District Comp Masters
Saturday TBA 4.15-10.15pm Ringwood Comp Inters
Sunday TBA 4-10pm Ringwood Comp Seniors
Sunday TBA 9-6pm Longbeach Comp Subbies
Saturday TBA 2-9.30pm Longbeach Comp Juniors
Sunday TBA 9-3.30pm Longbeach Comp Tinies
Sunday TBA 4-9pm Longbeach Comp Masters
Saturday TBA 1-8pm Longbeach Comp Inters
Sunday TBA 1-8pm Longbeach Comp Seniors
Saturday TBA 9am Father’s Day Class Tiny Tots
Saturday TBA 10am Father’s Day Class Tinies
Saturday TBA 11.30am Father’s Day Class Subbies
Saturday TBA 9-10am Team Photos Tiny Tots
Saturday TBA 9.50am-11.50am Team Photos Tinies
Saturday TBA 4.30pm-5.40pm Team Photos Masters
Saturday TBA 10-4pm Waverley Comp Juniors
Saturday TBA 6.15-10.30pm Waverley Comp Masters
Sunday TBA 9.30am-12pm Team Photos Subbies
Sunday TBA 12-1pm Team Photos Red Subbies
Sunday TBA 1.30-3.20pm Team Photos Inters
Saturday TBA 9-1.30pm Waverley Comp Subbies
Saturday TBA 2.30-10.30pm Waverley Comp Inters
Sunday TBA 9-11.30am Team Photos Juniors
Sunday TBA 12.30-2pm Team Photos Seniors
Sunday TBA 3.30-10.30pm Waverley Comp Seniors
Friday TBA 9.30am CV Comp Tinies
Friday TBA 6pm CV Comp Masters
Monday TBA 9am CV Comp Subbies
Friday TBA 9.30am CV Comp Juniors
Friday TBA 7.30pm- Palais – Senior Graceful Solo Seniors
Saturday TBA 10am- Palais – Senior Cali Solo Seniors
Saturday TBA 2pm CV Comp Inters
Sunday TBA 12.00pm CV Comp Seniors
Friday TBA 6pm- RSSS Solo – Senior Graceful Seniors
Saturday TBA 10am Presentation Morning Tiny Tots, Tinies
Sunday TBA 6pm RSSS Solo – Senior Cali Seniors
Saturday TBA 6pm Presentation Evening Subbies (incl. Red), Juniors, Inters, Seniors, Masters
Saturday TBA Nov 1pm and 7pm Concert All